Postdoctoral Fellow, Economics
Andrew Mitchell
Department: Economics

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About Me:

Academic Interests:

The root causes of development – after comparing Argentine and Australian fiscal histories in my PhD, I am now exploring the links between progressive taxation and development.
Research from my thesis suggests that establishing and sustaining progressive taxation, such as income tax, is crucial to maintaining a fiscally viable state that can provide the public goods necessary for development. My postdoctoral research will expand this insight to see how it is relevant to the experience of other countries.
Within the new institutional approach the key factor in explaining different experiences of development appears to be State Credibility. State Credibility is the faith a society has in the state to act collectively in society’s interests.


Title of PhD Thesis: Institutions and Endowments: State Credibility, Fiscal Institutions and Divergence, Argentina and Australia, c. 1880-1980

Community Interests:

  • Former Chairperson and Founding Treasurer of ANZSA (Australia New Zealand Students’ Association at LSE)


Personal Interests: