Because the past is still with us – in our laws and institutions and in our people and their experiences.

The Center for Economic History encompasses the economic history of all countries and regions of the world. We have a particular focus on the processes and institutions of growth and development, and believe that much is to be learned from comparative perspectives. Our associated faculty and students come from a variety of disciplines, and their work spans many periods of history. We are united in our desire to understand the long-run trends that have led to current public challenges, including those in social security and pensions, immigration, economic and financial development, and technological innovation. Our goals are to provide:

  • Seed grants for faculty and graduate students.
  • Research opportunities for undergraduates to work with faculty and advanced graduate students.
  • Graduate fellowships and training that integrate rigorous instruction in the student’s main discipline with interdisciplinary exchanges that encourage global perspectives on specific research topics.
  • An intellectual community in southern California by featuring the work of scholars from other institutions at conferences and seminars and the work of graduate students at student seminars.
  • A home where visiting scholars can contribute to UCLA through both teaching and research.