Housing, Urban Form, and Migration

A Mini-Conference sponsored by the Center for Economic History, the von Gremp Seminar in Entrepreneurial and Economic History, and the Ziman Center for Real Estate Public Affairs 4240, 8:40-3:30 for papers please check the von Gremp seminar web page, http://www.econ.ucla.edu/workshops/index.cfm

Jan Brueckner  (UC Irvine) : “Subprime Mortages and the Housing Bubble”
Werner Troesken and Randall Walsh (University of Pittsburgh) : “The Thugs of Tocqueville: Markets, States, and the Making of American Apartheid, 1877-1948″
Chinhui Juhn (U of Houston) “Selection and Specialization in the Evolution of Couples’ Earnings”
Matthew Kahn  (UCLA)  “Natural Disasters as Local Labor Market Shocks: U.S Evidence from the 1930s” (joint with Leah Boustan and Paul Rhode)